Salvage Window Pull Necklace

Salvage Window Pull Necklace
Salvage Window Pull Necklace

I’ve been on a jewelry kick here lately.  I want unique necklaces and bracelets that nobody else has.  One twist though….I want them to have a salvage story.  I love taking old things with a soul and giving them a new life.  That’s just what I do.

Remember my trip to SNAP in Salt Lake City, Utah, back in April?  What about the junking field trip I went on?  No!  Well, click here to catch up.  I found lots of great things on that junking field trip that you can see here.  There were so many great items I found, and I’ve been showing you what all I repurposed (a mailbox, a rosette necklace).   Today I want to show you another cute necklace I made from a salvaged window pull I picked up at George’s Salvage.


I started with this cute blue salvaged window pull.


I thought about stripping the paint off, but I loved the blue color way to much.  So I decided to work with it.  I tried to decide what goes best with blue, and I ended up picking out this yellow piece from Hobby Lobby.


Next I added a chain I bought at Michael’s to the window pull holes, and then glued the yellow piece on it with E6000.  As I held it up, I decided it needed a little something else hanging from the window pull.  I dug through my stash and found this key.  After all “Love” explained how I was loving the color of this necklace.


It didn’t look right, so I painted it yellow.  To distress it to match the window pull, I wiped off some of the paint.  Next, I had G drill a hole in the window pull, and then took a piece of the chain and attached it.  I’m in love with the colors in this necklace.  The yellow and blue is so summery!


Think outside of the box, because there is so much out there that you can use for jewelry.  If you like this necklace, you may like these others that I have made.  Just click on the picture to go check them out.



Improve Your Photography

Improve Your Photography
Improve Your Photography

Today I am announcing to you, my fantastic readers, that I am going to take a photography class.  I know you are probably wondering why this is even a blog post, and why am I making such a big deal about a class.  (That is probably what I would be thinking.)  But I need to do this so I will get off my hiney and get it done!  Yes, there are things that I procrastinate on. Lots of things.  Like a photography class. That is paid for.  That is hanging out in the virtual world waiting on me to attend.

About 18 months ago I purchased 2 photography classes from Shoot Fly Shoot, because I needed to get off auto shooting and improve my pictures.


Well, here it is and I still haven’t done them!  I haven’t even started.  I purchased them and then stopped.  (Commitment issues maybe? Laziness? No time?) I still continue to silently participate in the facebook group watching as others post pictures with great improvement as they progress in the class.  I think, “I need to do those classes”.  Then I don’t.  Are any of you with me on this????

My photos are shot in auto, and only improve based off luck and photo editing.  So in order for me to get with it, I figured I’d make a public announcement.  It’s sort of an accountablility thing for me.  After all, now you all know what I need to do.

Yesterday I was sitting at work and thinking about lots of other things besides work.  Imagine that!  Then I started thinking about pictures, how pretty it is outside, and then how I needed to learn to take better pictures.  So I went to Shoot Fly Shoot to make sure my classes were still there.  No surprise, they are!  I knew they would be there, because you have a lifetime membership.  But hey, it doesn’t hurt to check.  If they weren’t there I’d have another excuse to procrastinate.

I’m sure you are wondering “why now”, “why 18-months later”, “what’s up”.  Let me tell you my top reasons.

#1……….This girl is a senior and I want to take her senior pictures!


#2……….This cute little thing came into our family last week, and I want to play dress up with her and take cute pictures!  This is my new little niece, and she is precious.


#3……….I sat at work all day yesterday thinking…….


That was Ava’s first selfie with Aunt Shannon!  Do you see her little grin, and happy face?  I see LOTS of pictures in her future between her mom, her Aunt Amy, her cousin Revyn, and myself.  This girl won’t be camera shy.

So I’ll be taking you along on my journey as I learn new things to get off auto and on to manual!  I’ll be posting pictures, and look forward to your comments to help me improve.  Smile!  It makes your day brighter.



Copper’s Summer Activity

Copper’s Summer Activity

I know you have seen our bloodhound Copper appearing several times on this blog.  He was showing you his supervisory and team work skills in our deck post here.


We love this crazy dog.  He has such a funny personality! He smiles at you, he likes you to pet his chest, he likes to give you five, he has a thing for gloves, and is super jealous of the cat.  But perhaps what he loves the most in the summer is to go swimming in the tank!  He has lots of skin and gets pretty hot in this Texas heat.  His normal summer look is that tongue hanging out and panting all day.  So we take him swimming several times a day.  Then if we aren’t home, he just goes on his own.

First he stands at the edge of the tank and stares at you.


Then you have to say “Copper, go swimming”.  He listens for that like it gives him permission or something.  So then he wades out there and swims.


Once he is done, he finds the shallow edge and shakes as he gets out.


When he is done, he is one happy camper!  He is wet and cool, and ready to run back to the house.


Copper is so entertaining, and we find ourselves laughing at him daily.  Do you have a cute pet story?

Deck Stain

Deck Stain
Deck Stain

We have been busy little bees around here this weekend.  The sun was shining, the days are longer, and it was time to get on the huge project of our deck redo.  We spend lots of time out on the deck by the pool during the summer.  Many times we do dinner out there, as well just hang out and swim.  Actually, if the weather is nice we will spend some time out there.

Our furniture was old and a little rusty.  The cushions had faded again, and the deck was looking a little old.  You know it always looks great the first year, and then slowly goes down hill from there.  Even though we do the yearly maintenance of pressure washing the deck and then adding a clear coat of Thompson’s Water Seal.   Well, this year things changed! I went to the Haven conference last year (which you can read about here).  One class I took there was with a rep from Thompson’s Water Seal.  I’m so glad I went because he told us how to upkeep our deck so that it will last for years.  With his tips, this weekend I was able to turn our deck into this.

DeckStainLabeledAnd I started with this!

DeckPressureWasherFrom the Thompson’s Water Seal rep tips I learned we had been doing 2 things right.  Yearly pressure wash, check. Adding a fresh coat of Thompson’s Water Seal each year, check.  My problem was that each year that I pressure washed, the boards had a more worn and uneven toned look.  This year I dug out my notes from the talk to remember what the Thompson’s Water Seal rep had discussed.  With our boards looking like this, the next step was to use a Thompson’s Water Seal Transparent Stain.  So I went and purchased this stain in Acorn Brown.

DeckThompsonsWaterSealAccording to Thompson’s Water Seal, first you use clear, then move to transparent for several years.  Once the transparent stain doesn’t cover up the wear, you then use the semi stain category.  Then the final application is the solid stain.  To apply it we brushed the boards close to the pool, while one of us held a piece of cardboard under the boards so that none went into the pool.  After all, we didn’t want acorn brown colored water.  Once we got back away from the pool, we just used a paint roller and long handle to roll it onto the boards.  It took several hours, but we love how it turned out.

DeckStainEven Copper approves!  He had to stay down all weekend, so once it was dry he had to come up and check it out.

DeckStainwithCopperNow we are on to the deck redo.  This involves building a new sectional, revamping the table, and covering some cushions. Still lots of work, but it is going to be awesome!

Here are G’s coworkers.  They like to add their input as to how he should do things.

DeckRedoWithCopperCopper is that stubborn employee that just always has to get his 2-cents in.  Actually, he just has a thing for gloves and won’t leave you alone when you are wearing them.

DeckRedoBeginsStay tuned for lots more deck redo progress pictures.  Follow me on Instagram and Twitter so that you can see how we are coming along.  There are lots of projects that will be happening in the next few weeks.

Here are some pictures you can click on to see the stages of our deck over the last several years.

Here was our deck in the beginning, just click here.

DeckCouchThen the roof was coming apart, so we had to put on a new roof.  You can see the details here.

IMG_4186Here is what it looks like in the fall.  We had new cushions because our other ones faded.  You can see the fall deck here.


Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

I am excited to be participating in a Red, White, and Blue Link Party today!  There are so many amazing ideas for you to help you celebrate the 4th of July!  You will find decorations, crafts, and recipes!  We’ve got you set for your July 4th Party!  So sit back and click through all the projects that these amazing bloggers have created!

Red White and Blue Food Decor and Craft Ideas

Here is the project I created for this party.  I knew there would be so many amazing bloggers, so I wanted to create something different..


You know how I like to repurpose old things, well this bottle has a special meaning.  I don’t know if you remember, but we took care of my husbands aunt and uncle for 10 years.  When we moved them to an assisted living center, he gave me this bottle.  I’ve been keeping it and didn’t know what to do with it.  Then I got the gold leafing bug when I did my Honeybee Mantel which you can see here.  So when I came across this eagle bottle again, I knew it would make a great 4th of July decoration.  I finally knew what I wanted to do with it.  So I dug out my gold leafing supplies (from Hobby Lobby) and went to work.


I used a small brush and a pointed brush to apply the metal gold leaf adhesive.

I let the adhesive dry for about 5-minutes, and once the adhesive was tacky I put the gold leaf pieces on it.  I let sit there and dry, and then just brushed off the part that wasn’t adhered to the eagle.  Then I added a little July 4th glam.
Every time I see it, I think of them and the memories I have from being able to care for them the last 10 years of their lives.  He served in WWII, so this eagle symbolizes the freedom we have because of men like him.
So don’t be afraid to look at those family items that have been given to you in a new way.  There may be something you can do to it so that you will use it in your own home.
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Double Rotary Hoe Jewelry Holder

Double Rotary Hoe Jewelry Holder
Double Rotary Hoe Jewelry Holder

Hello. My name is Shannon and I may have an addiction to accessories. Are you that way with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets? There are so many cute necklaces out there now that can amp up your outfit, so I keep adding to my collection. My problem is that I NEVER get rid of any, even though I don’t wear them! Are you guilty of the same thing? I just keep sticking them in my jewelry chest on top of each other, then they get all tangled up with one another. In the morning when I’m getting ready for work, I go to get a necklace, it’s tangle.  I don’t have time to mess with it, so I just stick the tangled ball back in there and pick something else. So now I have all these necklaces I don’t wear because they are tangled every morning when I want to wear them. Problem is that I know they are tangled, but I don’t ever take time or remember in the evening to untangle them. So every morning is on repeat.

So this weekend I had to come up with something! Do you remember the single tier rotary hoe jewelry holder G made me? You can see it here.  Well, I’ve been using it, but I still needed more space.  Yes, I have LOTS of necklaces!  So I decided I wanted one like Revyn made for her flower holder.  It’s made with two rotary hoes, and you can see it here.  So, G took my single tier and made it into a double tier like Revyn’s flower holder.  Revyn has been busy with her “summer” activities, so G did it for me.

DoubleRotaryHoeJewelryHolderWholeTiltHere is what I’m talking about when I say I am a necklace hoarder.  Here is probably 60% of them laying out on our bed.  There is still several in my jewelry case, and this is all that was hanging on the single rotary hoe jewelry holder.

NecklaceHoarderI’m really glad I did this because now they aren’t tangled, I can see what I have, and now I am wearing more of my stuff.  How do you keep your jewelry organized?






Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Modern Masters Front Door Paint
Modern Masters Front Door Paint

I’m so glad your here today because I have some amazing paint to share with you!  As you know I live here in Texas where the summer heat is brutal.  Days and days of 100-degree weather can really break down your exterior paint.  It starts to fade, chip, and peel within 3-4 years usually.  I for one think exterior paint should hold up a lot longer than that since it is so much work to get it all painted and looking nice.  So to say I’ve ignored our front door is a bit of an understatement.  Our house is about 1000-foot off the road, nobody sees it driving by, so we tend to just let it go.

One day I had enough of looking at our faded door, and started thinking about what I needed to repaint it.  I remembered meeting a company called Modern Masters when I went to Haven (which you can read about here) and hearing about a no-fade front door paint line they had.  So I contacted them, and they sent me a quart of paint to try.  Can I get a happy dance?  Because that is exactly what I did when they offered me the paint.

This is some amazing paint, and is so easy to work with.  Look how nice our door turned out.


There’s just something about freshly painted door.  Especially when it looked like this before I started.


See how faded it is.  It was in need of LOTS of love and care.  The first thing I did was download the Modern Master App to pick a door color.  This is hands down the coolest app!  You take a picture of your door, make the dotted outline fit your door, then start picking colors.  I wanted red, Revyn wanted yellow, and the guys wanted blue again.  Then they pointed out that we are 1000-foot off the road, live out in the country, and we really don’t need to draw attention to our house.  There are spells of robberies out here in the country from time to time because so many ranchers and farmers store equipment out under sheds.  Sssooooo…..In comes the voices of reason instead of the voices of pretty.  Here is the color “we” picked (Revyn and I agreed digging in our heels) and the picture from the app.  We all agreed on the color Peaceful.  It’s the last color on the first row when you click on the link.  This color has some depth to it.  It is so rich and deep looking.


Once I received the paint and prepping instructions from Modern Masters, I began figuring out the best way to paint.  Before I even started painting I searched their site for the best way to paint the door.  Click on this link here because there is everything you need to know about painting your front door.  I went to this site and found a tutorial sheet and video on how to go about painting your door in the most effective way!  They have everything you need to know right at your fingertips.  So I watched the video here, read the print out here, and then followed their steps with the primer and paint.

As recommended by their prepping instructions, I went and bought some grey tinted Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer from Home Depot.  It came in grey so I didn’t need to get it tinted.  However, I could only find the grey at Home Depot because Lowe’s only carried white.  I needed to prime (even though I was putting blue on top of blue) because I couldn’t remember if the paint on there was oil based or latex based paint.  I began by putting on one coat of this grey primer, while dodging the rain we’ve been having here in TX.  That was hard because it rained about 27 out of the 31 days of May!  Between work and rain, I tended to be painting about 6:00 each evening.  Thank goodness for longer days.  Here is the coat of primer along with my helper throughout this whole painting process.


After the primer dried, I painted on one coat of Peaceful Modern Masters paint.  I let that dry and then painted on a second coat.  After two coats of paint I was shocked that I only used this much out of the quart of paint.  It’s only about  1/4 of the entire quart of paint used for 2 coats on our large door.  Wow!  That’s some good coverage paint, because I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough.


I am in love with how crisp and bright it looks.  It makes me smile each time I drive up the driveway now.  Thank you Modern Masters for bringing a smile to our home!



*** Paint was provided by Modern Masters, but all opinions are my own.  This paint and app are really amazing!***

Curly Hair

Curly Hair

May 2012 – The last time I colored my hair, and decided to let it grow out and go gray!

August 1, 2014 – I made a vow to go one year without cutting any length off my hair (layers included).  I could only have it trimmed every 6-8 weeks.  I made it through the going gray phase I figured I could do this.  So far I’ve stuck to it and I’m 10-months in.

April 23, 2015 – I met the cute Salvage Sista at SNAP, and loved her curly hair.

May 1, 2015 – I was blog binge reading over at Salvage Sister and Mister and found this post.  I texted her back and forth to get her hair care routine steps.  Then I bought the products she talked about.

June 1, 2015 – In my mind it’s SUMMER today!  I work full time, but this is when I start summer mode.  Today I also made the vow to go curly EVERY day until August 31, 2015!  It’s been humid here in TX with all the rain and my hair is like the incredible shrinking hairdo.  When the humidity is high, my hair helps control that here by sucking up the moisture in the air, going frizzy, and crawling up my head.  On a humid day, my hair can shrink 2-inches and drop the humidity level here 10%.

It’s operation Tame the Mane!  I’m going to have the courage to break that flat iron addiction!  There, it’s out there, it’s public, and I have to do it!



HoneyBee Mantel

HoneyBee Mantel
HoneyBee Mantel

The only way I know on how to start out this post is to just call myself out.  I’ve been blogging for over 2 years and have been decorating my faux mantel.  But here is the deal…..I’ve ALWAYS called it a MANTLE not a MANTEL.  Yep, I’ve been calling it the wrong thing all these years without anyone telling me.  Tragic I know.  Don’t believe me, just Google it!  (I should have done that the first blog post I wrote about said mantle mantel.)  A blogger friend was so sweet to point it out to me this past weekend on facebook.  Thank you Kim at The Kim Six Fix for correcting me so I don’t look like a blogging dork anymore.  Talk about a total “duh” moment.  I’ve always seen it as MANTLE and not the correct way of MANTEL.  Well, now I know!

Maybe I should have paid more attention in spelling and English while in school.  Throw me a calculus problem and I’m your gal.  I’ve never been your gal if you throw me a sentence diagram, novel, or vocabulary word list.  Just ask my kids.  When my son was in 4th grade I had to call his English teacher (who had been there since they built the school and was about to retire) and I had to tell her this.  “Mrs. Huffman, I’m Bracken’s mom.  I hate to admit this, but I have a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and my MBA.  Now though, I have no idea how to help my son with this 4th grade English!’  Luckily she was such a sweet lady.  Her reply was, “That’s alright honey.  If we don’t use it, we just forget it.”  Whew!  So as you read my blog, don’t judge my grammar or writing style. In return, I won’t judge your math skills.

So let’s get on to the summer MANTEL!  Or as I call it, the summer fantel (faux mantel).  It warmed up rather quick here in Texas this spring, so the bees came out early.  Now with all the rain we have had (21 out of the last 26 days), there is plenty of things blooming for their pollination.  So with all this buzz going on outdoors, it gave way to the inspiration behind my summer mantel…..Be My Honeybee!


I’m loving the neutral glittery goodness going on!  I got the cute little honeybees from the Dollar Tree about a month ago.  I took them and painted them with a cream colored Valspar paint sample from Lowe’s.


Once they were dry, I added some gold leaf to the bee stripes and wings.  I just bought this gold leafing from Hobby Lobby.


All bees need some flowers for pollination, so I made some from coffee filters.  I used 4 coffee filters per flower.  Here is how I folded each filter.


Then you crunch up that quarter piece and add four of them together.  You twist them together on the bottom to make a stem, and then staple them together.  After you staple, just fluff them out to make a flower.


You know I’m about using what you have, so that’s exactly what I did.  I had the coffee filters for the flowers, and then I used the glitter mason jars Rev made me for Mother’s Day.  I also used a wine bottle I had repurposed to make it look vintage.  Lucky for me, I was able to use a real honeycomb that Gary found last summer in a small tree.  Once the bees were gone he snatched it thinking I might use it.  He knows me!  Then to make my big honeycomb, I used this fabulous packing paper from the Savannah Bee Company that was wrapped around our honey we brought back from out Tybee Vacation.  When I unpacked the honey, I was smitten by the paper, and I knew that paper would come in handy!


I wrapped the honeycomb paper around the window frame I use for my mantels.  Hung the boxwood wreath back up, and then stuffed in the coffee filter flowers and attached the honeybees.


Here is that real honeycomb on the bottom shelf.   Then I made a little pennant banner to hang in between the shelves.


Isn’t it so cute!


You could even use this theme for Valentine’s Day.  Hmmm….it may be used again come February 2016!  So tell me, what’s all the buzz about with your summer so far?


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