CLEAR for 2014

CLEAR for 2014

Do you do New Year resolutions?  I used to, but then decided I was just doing it because everyone was always asking me what mine were.  So under peer pressure I just made some, which always seemed to be the same each year, which I failed at by March (if I made it that far).  Besides, who enjoys setting themselves up for failure on the first day of a new year?  Not me!  Last year I noticed how all these bloggers were doing a word of the year.  Last year was the first time I jumped back on the resolution wagon.  However, I picked a different wagon.  In 2013 I jumped on the word of the year wagon.

I know your saying it’s just another resolution, but this is different.  I thought long and hard about a word that encompassed what I wanted to do in 2013.  That word was Reshape.  I must say I did the best I have ever done with changes last year.  That word was easy to remember and guided so many of my choices throughout the year.

This year I’ve thought and simmered over a few words, and last night I decided on this word.


Clear will guide me throughout 2014.  In the words of Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights, “Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose.”  Yes, I’m from the south.  Yes, I love football.  Yes, I’m from the Midland Odessa area where this show was based on.

To me it means I will clear my life of the things that don’t make me happy.  This year I hope to accomplish these things:

  • Clear out the things that come between God and I.
  • Clear out the clutter piles in the house by organizing my stuff so I can find everything easily.  Actually discover what I have hidden and buried!
  • Clear out the shed, clean it up, and get it organized.  Then we will have a legit work area!
  • Clear out the bad foods in my diet.  I need to be healthier like the rest of America is pledging to do.
  • Clear out as many items as I can off my unfinished projects list.  Maybe we will finally get all the baseboards and doors finished around here.
  • Clear out those things that I should say “No” to but don’t.  They end up just being “busy” stuff that take away precious time from my family.
  • Clear out the decor in here that doesn’t make me smile when I enter a room.  I have plans to change up several rooms this year.

This is where I’m starting!  I know more will be added to the list as I go throughout the year, but this is a hefty start.  I hope this word guides me as much as reshape did in 2013.  It was late in 2013 when I sat one day at a red light listening to a favorite song on the radio, and I actually said to myself “I can say that I am truly happy”.  It had been a while since I said that because I let stress take over way to much.  Now as I look back on 2013, 90% of it is happy good memories.  The other 10% are those unavoidable things that come up and leave a bad time in your life.

Even if you don’t do New Year resolutions, I hope you think about one word that could guide you in all that you do in 2014 to become a better you.  I’m striving each day to be the best me I can be, and this one little word has seemed to help me get there.  I hope to go throughout the year with clear eyes when I make choices that will fill my heart.  Then all year-long, I can’t lose.

I hope you have a Happy New Year, and discover your word.

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    • The one word has been working easier for me since I started. Otherwise I’ve blown any resolution by now. Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you did.

    • I know you will come up with a great word. A word is powerful for me than a list of goals I blow in a few months. 2013 worked out very well.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my goals. Hopefully putting it out here will even make it more powerful in my life by making me want to be more accountable, and letting you all know how it’s going. Happy New Year!

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