Go With What God Gave Ya!

Go With What God Gave Ya!

I thought I’d share something a little personal so you could get to know me a little better.  I love to stop, be still, and appreciate what God has given us.  I have all kinds of pics on my phone of these things.  One of the most recent thing is this amazing sunset last night.  Here is the picture without any filters, just a raw picture from my phone that Revyn took.

IMG_4572It was breath taking.  Now as I type this it is sleeting and snowing outside.  Which is a HUGE shocker for our area.  We are always on the edge of these storms, except for once in a blue moon.  As my daughter was wishing for a school delay or cancellation, it just kept coming down.  The phone rang with one of those call out deals they do, and her wish was granted…….a 2 hour delay!  So take the time to slow down and see God in the world.  You never know what you might miss.

On another note, I thought I’d share a hairstyle change I did.  What is it with us girls and our hair?  I mean a new hairstyle is like buying a new house to us.  It takes forever to take that plunge and change it up.  I have curly hair that has changed so many times over the years.  It morphs into all these different stages from awesome curls, to frizzy curls, to wavy gentle curls.  I swear I have the incredible shrinking hair when the humidity gets high.  Which is a bad thing to have where I live, because we usually have high humidity.  It’s so bad that I can tell from inside my house whether or not it more humid than normal based on my hair.  I mean I don’t even have to step outside.  How’s that for a dew point monitor!  So for years I’ve straightened my hair ever since the Chi was invented.  That invention of the flat iron was life saving for me.  However, my hair is thick and coarse so it took me about 25 minutes to achieve straight hair.  Talk about a hot head and tired arms.

IMG_4575And yes I have lots of gray.  When our son graduated from high school I decided no more coloring and highlighting.  That gray had gotten so stubborn and was resisting color.  I felt like I was in there coloring at least every 3 weeks.  One time it actually had no color in 4 days.  My hairstylist tried all sorts of things to get it to stay, but nothing really worked.  So in 2012 I decided to go with what God gave me and embrace the gray!  However, I just wasn’t ever ready to embrace the curly hair until this week.  I’ve gotten so tired of straightening my hair that I decided to embrace my natural curls.


IMG_4568So what do ya think?  I actually like it, and it takes no time to do my hair in the mornings now.  It’s the same length as when I straightened it, so you can tell how much it shrinks up.  Thus why I had the straightening marathon each morning.  Now I’m glad I decided to embrace the natural curls that God gave me.

Have you tried a new hairstyle lately?  Leave me a comment and tell me how it went.


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  1. Your hair is fantastic – love how full & wavy it is!!! Wish I had the guts to go gray, I am so tired of coloring it especially now that I need to go every 4 weeks instead of every 6, but I chicken out every time I get to about an inch of gray. Anyway – you look beautiful with your hair style and color!!

    • Awe, your so sweet. I was in that cycle and it was getting expensive. I just made the decision to go for it and I’m glad I did. Take the chance, you can always go back to coloring it if you don’t like it.

  2. Hi I’m visiting from the neighbors blog Arod and I think that your hair looks beautiful curly. I too have a daughter with very thick curly hair and I LOVE it curly and so does my husband. I think you look great!! Have a nice night!
    Julie at Julie’s Lifestyle

    • I think if you have curly hair you want straight hair, and vice versa. I decided not to waste the time on the flat iron and wishing for something else. God gave me this head of hair, so I needed to embrace it. Hopefully your daughter will grow to love hers as well! Just keep telling her how gorgeous she looks.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and I would love to see your before and afters. I’m saving money as well as time now. I can’t wait to see yours.

  3. I like your hair both ways… My hair is fairly long for my age and I have been considering changing it up but as you may know when the time comes that your set to do it,it goes really well the next time I go to do it… so so far it’s still long… and my gray comes out more frequently now…

    • I hear ya. Every time I decided to cut it I had awesome hair days and would change my mind. This time I just went with it. Thanks for the sweet compliment. Why is it as we get older, our hairstyles get shorter? You don’t see many women with long gray hair.

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