Mixed Media Canvas Lesson

Mixed Media Canvas Lesson

As I mentioned before, it’s County Fair time at this casa!  I showed you Revyn’s Valentine wreath that she will enter in the fair.  Now here is another project, because she also entered mixed media.  “Ummm, what are you doing for that?” was my question.  So off to Google we went, and found all kinds of cool tutorials on You Tube.  They involved working with clay, molding paste, and gesso. Three things we have NEVER worked with.  I will tell ya though that You Tube makes it seem doable.  After she started on this that phrase came to our minds “only in the movies”!  You Tube made it seem relatively easy, but let me tell ya it wasn’t!  At one point this sucker was going in the trash.

I want to share this project so you know everything isn’t a home run.  Heck sometimes it’s strike 3!  Or in our case, we had 2 strikes and then got a base hit rather than striking out all together.  It was questionable at one point, but here is what we ended up with……


It turned out ok after we salvaged it, and she is still entering it in the fair.

Let me show the easy steps You Tube tutored us in, however, we missed something because it wasn’t that easy.  It also takes a little time between steps so it all dries.

First she used Mod Podge to attach strips of scrapbook paper, then she stamped the arrow shapes into clay.

MixedMediaPaper        MixedMediaClay

Once all this dried, she used a stencil and molding paste to make some hearts.


Once these were good and dry, she put the clay pieces on the canvas and used molding paste to smooth the edges.  Well, sorta.  That was hard to smooth, so I helped do the best we could.


After everything dried, it was time to paint.  First we coated it in gesso, because this is supposed to help the paint stick.  Here is where trashing it was looking pretty darn good!  We tried Heidi Swap color shine, but couldn’t get it to look right. Maybe we didn’t put enough gesso on it.  Anyway, we ended up just painting it with acrylic paint.  We couldn’t get the color she had in her head, but finally did get kind of close.  We still weren’t sold on it and at this point it was still going in the trash!  Then we broke out a dark red acrylic and she painted the raised stenciled hearts.  This helped a tad.  Next we found a brassy color leafing material I had and did a few hearts, the arrows, and the lettering.


That was it.  We gave in!  LOTS of steps that ended up with something that was not what we had in mind.   We worked with most of what we had, to create this.  In the end it actually turned out ok, and she is still entering it into the fair.  We are not letting You Tube whip us, so we will try it again!

Have you ever done a project and thought EPIC fail!  I’d love to hear whether it went into the trash, or did you salvage it!  I’ll let you know how she does in the fair next week.

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    • Thank you for such a sweet comment. It was a grand fail there for a while. We just kept thinking of things to try to salvage it. But we have got to try again, I can’t stop here at mediocre. Thanks for wishing her luck.

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