Architectural Salvage Tells a Story

Architectural Salvage Tells a Story

Wow, I just realized today that yesterday marked one year of this blog!  I can’t believe it.  My how time flies. I have enjoyed every minute of sharing ideas and stories with you all.

Not only did this week mark one year of blogging, but it also marked another birthday for me.  The kids kept asking me what I wanted and all I could think of was tons of days off, a personal construction crew, or just a magic wand.  I mean I don’t need anything except for my own personal construction crew to finish up several projects hanging over my head, or maybe a permanent paycheck while I stay at home and complete them all.  Guess what, I don’t think they have the necessary equipment to pull this off!  So the next thing on my list was that I REALLY wanted to go to this architectural salvage store.  I love architectural salvage and the story it tells.  I want to just start redoing our home and spend money incorporating these little bits of someone’s story into out home.  I LOVE the chippy, peeling, dinged, and worn pieces from the days gone by.

So my birthday gift came true and we loaded up for a day trip to Discover Architectural Antiques.  It’s right here basically in our back door, but I found out about it on our trip to Alabama (click and read all about it) when we stopped by Southern Accents.


We got there and found it in this awesome old building.


Let me show you all the awesome goodness that can be found in a store like this!  Here is some eye candy for ya.

BeadboardCeiling Spindles

Doors      BarnDoors


I just keep dreaming up all the projects I could use these pieces of wood and doors in.   I could put that colored chippy bead board literally ALL over my house!

Here are just a few more pics.  Just open your mind and keep dreaming about what you could do with these pieces.

TubFeet   ScrollCorner


We would talk about what all we could do with the stuff we found there if money was no object.  But like everything we do, obstacle number 1 is moola!  We only bought a few small items, but it’s nice to know where we can find some unique items when we need them.  Now I know where we can……


Our dreams of using these fantastic pieces made us feel like Tim the Tool Man in Home Improvement.  Remember that show?  Tim and Al?  We loved it!  As our dreams got bigger, it was a good thing we had Mr. Wilson to bring us back down to earth.



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  1. Be still my heart, I am in love with that gorgeous pediment! The craftsmanship is wonderful. I want to revamp my fireplace and would love to get down there and dive into all of those goodies to find the perfect embellishments to give my fireplace a personality. I used to visit our local Restore on a regular basis, I could spend hours just looking at the architectural salvage they had available.

    • Isn’t all just fantastic! I can see that above a fireplace. We could probably get in trouble shopping together since it looks like you love architectural salvage like I do. I’m so glad you stopped by.

  2. ja ha ha love the last picture too funny and now i want a construction crew for my birthday lol sounds like you had an awesome day Happy happy birthday

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