Asking For Favors

Asking For Favors

I’m sure many of you are like me and hate to ask people for favors.  I think, “Hey, I’m superwoman and should be able to do ALL of this myself.”  So along with that comes stress, holding things in, and failing at times.  Man is it hard to not only type, but admit I fail at times.  See where the superwoman thing can really mess with ya!

However, today I’d like to ask a huge favor from all of you.  I entered Revyn’s Architectural Headboard in a contest called Creating with the Stars.  Most of the entries are chosen by a big time blogger that you will get paired with for future projects.  I must admit these are some of my blogging heroes!  However, one entry will be chosen with one component being popularity.  So if you would, please click on the picture below and go VOTE FOR ME #99!  Once on the page of Creating with the Stars, CLICK ON #99.  A click on my link equals a vote!  Please pin it, share on your Facebook, and ask your friends to vote.  I would SOOOOOO appreciate it.  I’m hoping God has it in His plans for me to get selected!


Now onto my other favor because I need help during Lent.  As you probably know we are Catholic, and for Lent I give up something bad as well as add something good.  For the good thing I’m writing down 3 things I’m thankful each day.  I’m nurturing my attitude of gratitude!  Hopefully this will help squash some of my negativity that comes with stress.  As for giving up something bad this Lent, we made a family sacrifice to limit our highly processed foods.  Yes, that means no more sweets, ice cream, fried foods, etc.  My body is going to go into shock because I have a HUGE sweet tooth.  But I can do this, and I will feel so much better!  The big thing for me besides sweets is my daily Dr. Pepper 10.  I love that stuff, even if it’s supposed to be the man’s diet drink.  It’s like my crack.  They were on to something with this 10 stuff because it tastes way better than the regular diet.  So I’m telling you all about it to make me accountable every time I want to get a DP10 or eat some sweets.  I love to have a fountain drink, but you can’t get DP10 like this.  I must confess that I love the fine crushed ice that comes with fountain drinks, so I sorta make my own DP10.  I get Diet DP with a few shots of regular DP.  Here I was on Fat Tuesday getting my last fix on at Target no less.  Why not be in one of my happy places to enjoy my last homemade DP10!  Who doesn’t love Target?


Knowing I’ve told all of you does me a huge favor by making me accountable for my actions.  I hope that I make these 40 days and it will have changed my habits.  This way I won’t go back to these unhealthy things!  Here is to my journey this Lent.  One thing I’m grateful for today is being able to share with all of you.  Thank You!


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