Crap Room to Craft Room

Crap Room to Craft Room

This morning I was getting my Jazzercise on, and my great instructor Gina said “What are all of you doing this weekend?”  As I’m huffing and puffing, it came to me.  I thought that’s what I’m blogging about today!  I decided to do a little series on turning my crap room into a craft room.  I’ll give you post as I get stuff done until it is finally complete!  This craft room is going to be done with what I have, so it will have LOTS of salvaged goodness in here.

This room has housed a pool table, more appropriately a laundry folding table which we ended up selling on Craigslist.  Then we put a couch, tv, and the kids xbox and wii in there to set it up as a game room for them.   Then we sold our sectional we were using, moved that couch back into our living room, and then it housed 2 couches I was having recovered.  These were going to be for our living room along  but I wasn’t sure on the fabric I wanted.  So while I went back and forth on the fabric I wanted to use it became stuffed with college stuff for Bracken’s apartment.  You can see all this clutter back then here.

Then those couches finally got recovered and moved into our living room, and this room then began collecting all sorts of crap.  Here is where we are today.CrapRoomNo, it’s not an episode of hoarders!  However, it comes close.  Some of this was from cleaning out for Revyn’s room redo, some is collecting for the vision of a craft room I have in my head, and some is garage sale stuff.  The couch is a hand me down from my mom, because I think I’m going to recover it use it in here.  So here is what I’m starting with to turn this crap room into a craft room.

Lots of work, lots of sorting and cleaning, and LOTS of patience await me.  So to answer the question at the top….This is what I’m doing this weekend.  What are you all doing this weekend?


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  1. OMG – I am working on the same project right now!!! But I’ve got a deadline because it’s going to have to double as a workstation for my new remote genetic counseling job – wish me luck girl!! I am gonna need it!!

    • Good luck! I can’t wait to see yours. I’m not on a deadline so mine will probably stretch out. Deadlines make me focus and get it done though. Have fun with your new job!

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