Happy 4th of July – Nautical Party

Happy 4th of July – Nautical Party

HAPPY 4th of July!

Our 4th of July plans have been up in the air due to my husband’s aunt and uncle that we take care of.  They are 94 and 95 and he isn’t doing well.  So we thought we better stay home just in case anything happens.  Taking care of them, touring nursing homes to move them from assisted living, has consumed a lot of our time.  Which is why I haven’t been posting much lately.  So today we are just hanging by the pool, sitting on the deck, and having a relaxing day of doing NOTHING.  We don’t do that often, so it’s nice because we have been STRESSED to the max here lately.  Right now we are watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV.  Our dream is to own a beach house because we LOVE the ocean and beach.  So watching this is a fun family thing we do.  It’s a lot cheaper and easier shopping.

We decorated the deck after the huge rainstorm yesterday evening using stuff we had on hand since our plans have been up in the air.  We used some of this for Revyn’s small get together on her 16th birthday.  Nothing like raiding your stash to come up with a festive place to celebrate.  So here is where we are celebrating today.  Welcome Aboard.NauticalWreathOur table is set with plate settings and some decor that I purchased from IKEA back in April.  Luckily I bought enough to do Rev’s small feet together and have some left over for today.   We decided to use it again as well as raiding our sea shell stash.  Here is the table we will be eating hot dogs at today.NauticalTableSettingI have drooled over the lanterns in Pottery Barn that they fill with shells, so we did our own.  We already had this lantern, and the shells were from all our beach vacations.  I love this little red white and blue painted shell Revyn picked out while we were shopping on one of our beach trips.  I think we have had it for over 10 years and it just fit perfectly for today.NauticalLanternHere is an up close view of the IKEA place settings, except for the flag sunglasses.  I had ordered these sunglasses back in May for a fun surprise today.  So I put them as napkin “rings”, so everyone can have a pair to party with.  Bracken bet us the coordinates were in Sweden, so he got on the computer and sure enough they were!  Mollsund, Sweden, population 327 people.  Bracken said whoever made these must like this little village.  Yea, we are that nerdy family!NauticalPlaceSettingAnd our guest for today is Miss Sailor.  She is our tribute to our military service men and women who helped give us the freedom we area celebrating today.  Thank you!NauticalMannieI hope you are all celebrating the 4th of July with a bang!  Enjoy a hotdog, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks!






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  1. I came of from Cozy Little House “Welcome Wagon Friday”. Love you decorations for the 4th. I look forward to checking out your past posts.

  2. Love this entry. Enjoy the simplicity of life sometimes it is what we need to refresh our souls. I love the decorations!

  3. Love the little red, white, and blue shell. The lantern looks very summery filled with shells. Good job! No sense in buying new when you can reinvent what you already have (especially at Pottery Barn prices).

    • I’m really trying to get organized so I can just reinvent what I have. But first I have to know what I have, haha.

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