Tybee Island, GA Vacation Part 2

Tybee Island, GA Vacation Part 2
Tybee Island, GA Vacation Part 2

Well, I’m well past my Friday promise of part 2 of our vacation.  Sorry about that, but life seemed to just happen over the last few days and I had to enjoy the moments with the family.  I’m back and ready to continue with more amazing pictures and the awesomeness of Tybee Island.  I hope your ready to have a beachy time because I’m going to share one of the most fun things we do here.

I didn’t include this in the last post because it fits more appropriately here in this post.  Up until 2010, I had NEVER even heard of Tybee Island!  Can you believe that?  Now it’s one of our favorite vacation spots.  In 2010, I had foot surgery and was limited in getting around for over a week.  So what did I do…..read blogs!  Thank goodness I did so I could learn about Tybee!  I must confess that one of my favorite blogs is The Lettered Cottage.  You probably have figured that out from this post about Chapel Market.  Layla and Kevin are the most inspirational people, and I would give anything to sit down and have a dinner with these two.  I’d love to get know them better, because they inspire me more than they know just through social media.  So as I was couch bound, I came upon this video of theirs that I bet I watched a dozen times.  Click over to their site and please take the time to watch the video at the bottom, because this began my love for Tybee Island.  Click here and watch the video and then come back.

Is that not awesome!  I know your all saying, “I want to go to Tybee!”  That’s what I said when I saw it, and then we planned our first trip!  The first thing we did on both trips was book a trip with Sundial Charters and to do the Little Tybee Unplugged Tour.  TybeeBoatTripSoooooo worth it!  We’ve done it twice and will do it again and again.  When you find a good thing you just want more and more.  When you get there you are the only ones walking the beaches.  It feels like it’s your little own little piece of paradise to enjoy for awhile. Here is a great reason why we do this tour.TybeeSandDollarPlantsThis picture is NOT staged.  G actually found the sand dollar just like this!  Doesn’t that just get your shell hunting juices flowing.  After I watched the video at The Lettered Cottage I told the kids, “I want to find sand dollars like this.”  And we have twice now.  We found sand dollars all over Little Tybee as we walked down the beach.TybeeSanddollarsHere is the load of sand dollars we found.  The best thing is that only 3 broke on the flight back home.  These will be displayed in our vacation souvenier jars.TybeeSandDollarFindsThere is also a few pieces of awesome driftwood on the island.  There is just something about the texture of drift wood with the sand and sea that just makes my heart smile. TybeeDriftwoodYou feel so close to nature and something so awesome that God has created for us to enjoy.TybeeBirdsThank you Rene for the awesome trip!  This is her after she dropped us off, as we stood on the beach wishing we had all day with her.TybeeSundialCharterReneAs I sit here and type this I just keep wishing I was going back.  Sunshine and the Sea soothe my soul!  There’s just something so calming about the waves on the sand.  Oh how I wish I had a little beach cottage!TybeeLeaving




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  1. You found our secret hide-away! Tybee has been our go-to beach for years and years! Since we homeschool, we can visit in the off season, and we literally have the place all to ourselves, So glad that you enjoyed it so much!

    • Our kids are so active we are like the rest of America and are summers only. The only time we usually have is mid-July until school starts. We just love that place. Thanks for checking us out.

  2. Wow! This is so wonderful! This makes all of us at @SundialCharters smile! This is exactly what we want everyone to experience. Thank you so much for coming on a trip with us and for posting these beautiful photos. May we share some of these photos, or even share this blog entry? Again, Thank you for this post.

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