Tide Oxi Blogger Challenge

Tide Oxi Blogger Challenge
Tide Oxi Blogger Challenge

I am so excited because this is my first sponsored post!  When I went to Haven I signed up to be considered for the Tide Oxi Blogger Challenge sponsored by Tide and Home Depot.  Then at the end of July I got the email that I was chosen to participate!  WooHoo!!!  So I got a Home Depot gift card in the mail to go purchase the Tide the Oxi Multi Purpose Stain Remover, and then had to come up with a way to use it in our home.  I don’t know if you have seen the commercial with Jonathan Scott of the HGTV show Property Brothers and Buying and Selling, but there are 225+ uses for this stuff.  You can use Tide Oxi Stain Remover on carpets, fabrics, outdoor furniture, and basically any room in your house.  Tide isn’t just for the laundry room anymore.  So with 225+ uses I wandered around our home to determine what project I wanted to do. That night I went into our bathroom to run a bubble bath and it hit me, clean our dirty bathroom tile. TideThatOxiWe have slate tile in here with lots of little textured indentions.  Can you say dust and soap scum magnet?  I love the tile and its natural feel, but I sure didn’t think about cleaning it.  Here is all the dust and soap scum we end up with.  Bear with me on these photos because it is hard to shoot gray tile in a bathroom with low lighting.  Plus my photographer skills are polar opposite of a professional photographer.  But you can see all this white grossness on the gray slate tile.TideThatDirtyFloor

I’ve tried so many different cleaners in here to keep this floor clean.  What I end up with is that either it doesn’t get it all clean, or it leaves a film.  This just gets me frustrated and I just decided to live with the white dust and soapy scum in all the little crevices. I felt as though it was a cleaning money pit.  Like I said, I didn’t thing this through when we picked the tile.  Love is blind!

I got my bucket and mixed up Tide Oxi Stain Remover per the directions for hard surface cleaning.  You mix a scoop filled to level 4 with 1-gallon of water.  Mixing it with warm water helps to dissolve all the Tide Oxi (it states this on the directions).  Then I was on my hands and knees doing this for about 40 minutes, because we have a huge bathroom that needed LOTS of cleaning and scrubbing.TideThatScrubBrushI scrubbed the floor down with Tide Oxi, and then wiped back over it with clean water and a sponge.  After I wiped it down with clean water, I used a towel to dry it off.  Oh my gosh was I impressed!  Our bathroom tile has NEVER looked this good besides when it was installed.

I started with white spotted gray slate tile, and ended up with clean ALL gray slate tile.  Thank you Tide Oxi for taking the white ickiness out of the tile.  Here are some comparison photos so you can see the before and after.TideThatWhiteStuffFloor

TideThatWhiteStuffFloorCleanedAnd here is one of the whole floor where you can really see all those white colored indents in the tile.TideThatFloor

TideThatFloorCleanLet me just tell ya that Tide Oxi has made a believer out of me!  It was lots of scrubbing but is sooooo worth it.  I just haven’t convinced my knees and arms of that yet.  As much as I hate being on my hands and knees scrubbing, I’m so glad I took the time to bring this tile back to life.  Guess what’s on the to-do list for this weekend?  The other bathroom!


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    • Isn’t it frustrating when it dawns on you how much you have spent on cleaners! Try it I was impressed. I’m with on stop cleaning, but I just need enough moola to hire a maid!

  1. Hi Shannon–congrats on your first sponsored post :) What an amazing product! Perhaps the floor needed a hand scrubbing this once, but in the future may only need a mopping with the Tide? Just a thought, and a hope, for your sake.

    • I hope that is the case. I’ve hand scrubbed that sucker before with other products only to be left with it looking the same as before. I was so glad this worked! I’m hoping mopping with Tide Oxi once a week will keep it looking spiffy. Thanks for stopping by!

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