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Do you wish to purchase something from Ossare? Read this review to learn why Ossare.com received a low trust score from our scam detector.

The Ossare jewelry store, which can be found at ossare.com, is currently the internet’s rage thanks to its coupon code ‘XYZ333,’ which gives consumers a 100 percent discount on all items.


Ossare is an online business that sells jewelry, watches, bracelets, earrings, men’s rings, and other accessories. These items are also sold at suspiciously low costs.
However, this website has numerous red flags that indicate Ossare.com is a hoax, and this review will reveal everything there is to know about this store.
Following are some of the findings:

  • It was created in September 2021, hence it is untrustworthy.
  • Fake social media icons or no social media presence
  • Fake Trusted Seals that are not from authorized organizations can be found on the website.
  • All of these are major red flags and reasons to avoid shopping from Ossare.com; but, if you insist on doing so, keep reading!

Discounts that are shady or outrageous
The website’s unbelievable discount pricing is too good to be true, and they act as a red flag that the store is a hoax.

Contact information is hidden:

On its website, Ossare conceals its contact information. This is strange, as it demonstrates that Ossare.com is concealing information from its customers. It’s also suspicious because legitimate stores always post accurate information on their websites. This is a warning sign that the store is a fraud.

Customer Dissatisfaction:

Customers who purchased something from this site have submitted online reviews claiming that they received something completely different than what they bought. All attempts to contact the store for a refund were futile.

Customer feedback:

There are no customer reviews on the site, which is odd because every legitimate store always allows for honest feedback.

Originality is lacking:

Ossare.com has a similar website design and content to a jewelry store we recently examined. It sells high-end jewelry at a reduced price. Unfortunately, online evaluations indicate that the jewelry is of poor quality.

Discount price:

It offers low discount prices to entice buyers, the same as other scam web stores. Customers often receive a whole different item or a low-grade version of what they requested, while some customers are left with nothing. This is an example of a bait and switch scheme.

Delivery & Shipping

The estimated delivery time is 2-4 weeks, however, it takes more than a month. This is because the shipment originates in China. Even though the money has been made for almost a week, the tracking information shows that the package has yet to depart the warehouse.


The refund policy at this store is just nonsense. In reality, you’d have to pay a delivery fee that may be half of the jewelry’s price.


Ossare.com is not a legitimate internet store based on all indications.
We do not suggest it because of its low trust score.Ossare.com does not appear to be a trustworthy internet jewelry retailer. Customers may face shipping delays, but they will receive their item but in many cases the item received is not the same as ordered.

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